Self-defence seminars and workshops

Urban Fit & Fearless™ offers self-defence seminars, safety courses and Krav Maga workshops in London.

We cover:
  • Corporate seminars
  • Workplace training
  • Community events in South London
  • Private workshops (incl. Stag Do and Hen Party activities)

"...A fantastic introduction to self defense, comprehensive teaching and great fun… even if it does leave every muscle in your body aching for a couple of days afterwards." [click to read full review] Freya - London WC2

Why a Self-defence Seminar?

Self-Defence Seminars and Krav Maga Workshops (what is Krav Maga?) are great introductions to self-protection principles. They also provide opportunities to focus on specific issues such as sexual assaults or knife attacks.

A wide variety of topics can be covered, including basic defenses vs common attacks, defending against multiple aggressors, ground situations, de-escalation, or any other specific scenario.

In the corporate context, self-defence seminars can be amazing team- and confidence- building activities while providing staff with useful skills with regard to self-protection in and on the way to their workplace. This has been particularly successful as part of "empowerment" and "safety" programmes, namely with female workers.

Most seminars are designed for people with or without experience in self-defense training but some events can be geared towards experienced students who want to improve their fighting skills and knowledge of specific aspects.

Seminars are also a formidable opportunity to engage with the local community; in my case, the South London area around Dulwich (SE22).

Contact me if you would like to organise a seminar:

Previous seminars and workshops

Corporate / Workplace Seminars and Training

Tailored solutions for specific needs.
  • Alvanon (18/07/2017)
    Workplace Self-defence training with a focus on women self-protection within the workplace and on the way to- and from- the office.

  • Google London (15/09/2016)
    Two seminars took place during Google "Health Week" with a focus on women safety and fitness. Great experience!

  • McCann London (02/06/2015)
    As part of "women empowerment" programme, the seminar was focused on confidence-building through self-defence training.

  • Maxus UK (02/12/2014)
    Team building event focused on women's self-defence and safety.

  • Parkour Generation (10/10/2014)
    Event exploring cross-training between Parkour and Krav Maga.

  • Push Studios (24/01/2013)
    Introduction to self-defence in East Dulwich (SE22) as part workplace self-defence training.

Situational Seminars: Krav Maga Workshops

Each seminar explores the various forms one given type of attack can take and the adequate responses to it.

Depending on the aggressor’s size, how the action unfolds, how fast the victim reacts, etc., the same type of attack can lead to different situations each requiring specific responses.

Being able to identify the specific threat and quickly respond with the adequate technique is key to surviving an attack.

  • Fighting on the Buses Seminar (yearly)
    Highly acclaimed seminar run by the Urban Krav Maga organisation since 2008. This seminar covers the most common attacks and threats in public transport (we really do it inside a bus), including knife attacks. Instructors are assisted by a Police Officer who worked in a Special Unit dedicated to fighting crime on buses in South East London (more information here).

  • Knife Seminar (15/10/2016)
    Knife attacks are devastating and most self-defence techniques are based on preconceived ideas that render them totally inefficient. Informed by recent and ground-breaking research on real knife attacks, our seminar a provide realistic solution to the problem.

  • Women Self-Defence workshop (11/10/2014)
    Seminar covering ground situations with a focus on sexual assaults

  • Women Self-Defence workshop (10/05/2013)
    Seminar covering ground situations with a focus on sexual assaults (see blogpost)

  • Women Self-Defence workshop (02/03/2013)
    Seminar covering ground situations with a focus on sexual assaults

  • Situational Seminar (19/10/2012)
    Workshop exploring the various scenarios and escape around one of the most common type of attacks #SideHeadlock

Local Community: Free Self-defence Seminars

Over the years, I've run self-defence workshops for local branches of the Women Institute, in Peckham (SE15), Forest Hill (SE23) and Nunhead (SE4) and also other local institutions such as the the Norwood School (SE19).

  • Norwood School (09/02/2017)
    Aimed at 16 years old women, this seminar covered issues of sexual assault and human trafficking with a focus on prevention. More particularly, how to recognised coercive behaviours, and setting boundaries. Setting and maintaining boundaries along with asserting one-self are among the most important factors contributing to thwart sexual assaults.

  • Women's Institute Peckham (05/07/2016)
    Introduction to safety and self-defence for women.

  • Women's Institute Forest Hill (11/01/2016)
    Introduction to safety and self-defence for women (see blogpost).

  • Women's Institute Nunhead (19/10/2015)
    Introduction to safety and self-defence for women.

  • One Community Project - Ladywell (April-May 2013)
    4-week #StreetSafeCourse programme aimed at improving street awareness among members of the local community

Google - Corporate Self-Defence Seminar (2016)