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Looking for self-defence training? Then look no further. Thanks to its unique blend of conditioning and combatives, Urban Fit & Fearless™ is one of the top reality-based self-protection programmes.

"I have trained in a lot of schools for over 13 years and I have to say this class is one of the best...." (read full review)
Chris - London

What type of sessions are you looking for?

Self Defence Classes in South London
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Self Defence Private lessons and Personal Training
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*All classes are run by a fully certified and insured Urban Krav Maga instructor affiliated to the British Combat Association.

"[...] I work for the ambulance service and sadly we are occasionally attacked. Last Sunday a drunk man tried to strangle me and I utilised self defense techniques taught to me by Patrice and quickly was out of his hold and restraining him until the police arrived" (read full review)
Liam - London

Wondering what are the main benefits of Self-defence training?

I could probably write a full article on that topic, but in a nutshell, here are the main benefits of self-defence training:
  1. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones: Simple and functional techniques based on leverage and quick reactions rather than strength. I rely on a versatile self-defence system with a strong ground-fighting component, which covers all situations (learn more).

  2. Improve your athletic condition: Our unique programme takes full advantage of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is the most effective way to improve cardiovascular capacity, to burn fat (thanks to the "afterburn" effect), to build lean and functional muscles, and to boost your metabolism (learn more).

  3. Develop your confidence and self-esteem: Learn to channel adrenaline and to deal with aggression and confrontational situations. Develop "fight back" attitude and the ability to function in stressful situations.

  4. Let off steam: Benefit from the feel-good effect of intense pad-kicking and pad-punching and get rid of your daily stress with high energy/fast paced sessions.

  5. Have lots of fun: Come with a buddy or make one! Workouts/drills are done in pairs or groups in a friendly and supportive environment.

Which self-defence system do I teach?

The techniques I teach come from one of the world top self-defence systems: Urban Krav Maga (UKM). It was originally founded by martial arts expert Stewart McGill with the objective to be the most practical and leveraged reality based self-defence available (check here for the long read).

UKM has its roots in Krav Maga which is a fighting system developed by the Israeli military after WW2 (what is Krav Maga?). It was designed for soldiers who do not have lots of time to learn and practice sophisticated hand-to-hand combat techniques. It was battle-tested and constantly improved. As such, Krav Maga techniques are simple and based on natural body moves.

UKM is a refined version, better adapted to civilian environment. It also puts more emphasis on principles of leverage, so it is an ideal style of self-defence for women and, more broadly, against bigger opponents. Additionally, UKM has strong grappling and ground fighting fighting components both of which are quite poor in classic Krav Maga.

The result is a versatile self-protection system that is easy to assimilate regardless of your age, gender, athletic attributes, body type or Martial Art experience.

"...My background is mainly in taekwondo and kickboxing but have trained in several others styles including hapkido and jui jitsu [...] Patrice's dedication and patience allows him to push everybody to their potential [...] If you want to learn to actually defend yourself, develop your style in a dynamic way and improve your fitness there are few places better!" (read full review)
Chris - London

Self defence training also means "good workout". So, on the conditioning side, sessions are structured on Interval Training protocols and emphasize time with short bursts of intense physical activity, rather than repetitions/sets. In that sense, so the programme is perfectly adapted to both out-of-shape-beginners and more advanced people.

Everybody exercises at about 70-80% of their capacity which ensures progression regardless of your athletic level and without having to follow other students pace.

Overall, the class provides a great cardio session and a full-body workout.

"... All the techniques you will learn are practical in real-life situations, this combined with some demanding fitness drills creates a perfect training session..." (read full review)
James - SE23

Whether you're looking for the energy and social interactions of a Group Class, the tailored programme of Personal Training or the specific experience of Workshops and Seminars, we have you covered.

Self Defence Classes in South London