Fighting on the Buses Seminar

The original Krav Maga Bus Seminar. Organised and held yearly by the Urban Krav Maga organisation since 2008.

Krav Maga Bus seminar

Learn how to defend yourself if attacked or threatened on a bus

At this unique seminar the Urban Krav Maga team in London hire out a couple of buses and run through various scenarios and the appropriate self-defence and fighting techniques that can be used in that confined environment or similar spaces. This includes knife attacks and threats.

UKM instructors are assisted by a Police Officer who worked in a Special Unit dedicated to fighting crime on buses in South East London, so we have high quality data on public transport violence.

This is a very popular and highly rated course that provides an insight into real fighting in confined spaces that you cannot get from training in a regular dojo.

Next Fighting on the Buses Seminar

Held yearly. Stay tuned!

Time: 10:30am – 2:30pm
Place: Plumstead Bus Garage, Pettman Crescent SE28 0BJ
Price: £35
Contact: Stewart McGill on 0791 261 6361 or e-mail


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