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Urban Fit & Fearless™ provides corporate self-defence training in London. Our sessions are tailored to your needs and suitable to anybody regardless of age, gender, shape, fitness level or training experience.

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Staff safety and well-being

Staff safety and well-being are hot topics nowadays. It is partly due to an evolving legal system that emphasizes more and more the idea of “duty of care” owed to employees, but also because businesses recognise that human capital is their most valuable asset.

The trauma of a violent event -in or outside the workplace- will shake the best teams and likely disrupt business operations. Investing in your staff safety not only shows that you care but also helps make your organisation more resilient.

Self-empowerment in a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere brings tremendous benefit to the workplace. In that sense corporate self-defence sessions are fantastic team- and confidence- building activities that provide staff with useful, transferable and potentially life-saving skills.

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Our programme has been particularly successful as part of "empowerment", "safety" and “fitness” initiatives, namely with female workers. Contrary to the commonly-held belief, studies show that women are safer when they learn self-defence.

"I cannot recommend the Self Defence for Hospitality staff course enough, our staff learnt so much from it. Not only how to defend themselves within and outside the workplace but also potential threat, situational awareness, defence against attack from weapons and more. What was really impressive is how Patrice and Rick showed how to deal with scenarios that happened in the environment. For example, how to deal with ‘over friendly customers’, a situation which happened to one of our staff. The ‘Attack Protocol’ was very interesting, and it dealt with something which we had never thought of, but could have potentially saved lives in the London Bridge Terror Attack if staff had been trained in it. The course was run in an extremely professional manner, with humour and good banter to make it fun to attend. Our staff really enjoyed it. I strongly recommend the course for any late night venue staff."
Janet Gomes, Human Resources Manager, Antic London

Corporate Self-defence tailored to your needs

We provide safe, friendly and time-efficient one-off or multi-session courses with practical training adapted to your organisation.

We already have developed several industry-specific programmes:

For most organisations, though, the Personal safety in and outside the workplace course is a great choice that covers all the basics and the most common situations.

Learning doesn't have to be dreary so sessions are always fun and engaging

We believe self-protection goes beyond physical and technical moves, and doesn’t stop with “practical safety tips”, that’s why we always cover simple but fundamental concepts:
  • Situational awareness
  • Avoidance
  • De-escalation strategies
  • Personal-space control

Everything is explained in concrete terms with scenarios, games and drills so it actually makes sense and sticks (let's cut out powerpoints presentations, we do all the brainy work upstream so you don’t have to).

If you want more cerebral stuff though, our team of expert consultants can provide additional modules to our courses, covering topics such as:
  • Trauma response
  • Dealing with harassment
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

Let us know if you have specific needs or requirements and we’ll come up with a solution for your business and staff. We can cover a wide range of situations and recommend simple security protocols that can be implemented at various levels of your organisation.

Why you’d want to hire us?

Let’s be fair, we’re in good company. Our colleagues and competitors are professional, talented martial artists with years of experience. But, to be honest, at that level, we all are.

What makes us different is that our programme is reality- and evidence-based.

Evidence-based self-defence means that our training is informed by scientific research into violent behaviours and the systematic analysis of large data-sets of violent events.

It allows us to understand what happens in real-life situations (not training scenarios) and, in turn, to come up with the most appropriate solutions for normal people (not just for super-trained athletes).

The average duration of a knife attack is 24 seconds

This is how, in 2016, we could demonstrate that the techniques taught by most martial art / self-protection specialists were unrealistic defence against real-life knife attacks.

Sticking to reality is at the heart of our work because what matters is our students’ safety. We want a functional and practical system that works in real-life.

Being data-led allows us to identify patterns so we can focus on the most common situations.

90% of all physical assaults start with a right punch to the left side of the face

When it comes to interpersonal violence, experience varies from one person to another. Women don’t have the same experience as men. Untrained people don’t have the same experience as self-defence instructors. And a 140-pound instructor does not have the same experience as a 250-pound one.

Individual experience is not always the best teacher.

So reality-based self-protection means that we make sure that our system works for inexperienced, untrained people of different shapes and sizes, not just the pro-fighters, security and law-enforcement professionals who test our system everyday.

And if 100-pound Mary can’t pull off a technique, well...that technique is not good enough and we go back to the drawing board to find a more suitable one.

Google - Corporate Self-Defence Seminar (2016)

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Tailored solutions for specific needs.