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Are you looking for a no-nonsense self-defence school in London?

Then, look no further than Urban Fit & Fearless™.

Thanks to our unique blend of Krav Maga and Fitness, we are one of the top self-defence programmes in London.

We work to empower ordinary people who seek practical and effective self-protection skills.


Like most big cities, London has its fair share of crime.

London Crime Statistics do not look good and distrust of the police is at an all-time high. So it is not surprising that personal safety has become a major concern among Londoners.

(London violent crime rate comparison map)

If you searched for “self defence classes in London” or “Krav Maga London”, undoubtedly you found many options for personal protection.

The issue, though, is that choosing a good self-defence school is hard.

Too often, people are presented with unrealistic martial arts techniques that won't work in a real situation.

Some of these moves are non-sense and might get you injured or killed.

Some are genuine combat techniques...but only a few highly-trained martial artists would be able to pull them off in a street fight.


Corporate clients

Functional Self-Defense for Everyday People.

At our core, we firmly believe that self-defense should be accessible and applicable to everyone, regardless of their prior experience or physical abilities.

"Do not expect to be taught flashy, showy, but ultimately ineffective, fighting styles; the focus here is on techniques which actually work."
Jack (click to read full review)

All our techniques are meticulously refined through extensive testing to ensure their practicality and real-world effectiveness.

We strive to provide the most realistic solution for everybody, regardless of age, gender of fitness level.

We understand that in high-stress situations, simplicity and efficiency are paramount.

That's why we focus on techniques that can be quickly learned and confidently applied.

Time Out London Alexis Duggins Tries Krav Maga
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Here are the three main benefits of Urban Fit & Fearless™ self-defence programme.


The techniques we teach come from one of the most advanced self-defence system. Urban Krav Maga provides a dynamic and adaptable self-protection toolkit. Its focus on simplicity makes it easy to learn and assimilate and the evidence-based approach we take ensures highly effective self-defence strategies for the real world.


Our unique blend of conditioning and Krav Maga sets us apart as one of the best self-defence programme in London. Our secret is a smart use of HIIT protocols -known to rapidly improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness- combined with resistance training and body-weight exercises. As a result, you get a complete workout regardless of your fitness level.


Never underestimate the importance of having fun! Inclusivity and Respect are at the core of our teaching. We believe in making self-defence training accessible, inclusive and fun, and being a safe and welcoming space for everyone.


"I have trained in a lot of schools for over 13 years and I have to say this class is one of the best. My background is mainly in taekwondo and kickboxing but have trained in several others styles including hapkido and jui jitsu [...] If you want to learn to actually defend yourself, develop your style in a dynamic way and improve your fitness there are few places better!"
Chris (click to read full review)

What makes our self-defence programme so effective?

A good self-defence programme requires several characteristics:

  1. It must be Reality-based and Evidence-led.
  2. It must be informed by Human Performance Sciences.
  3. It must be accessible, easy to learn and to assimilate.
  4. It must be concise.

"I’ve done classic krav maga on and off for a few years, so I didn’t need convincing about the benefits and the joys of reality-based self-defence systems. But this is the first school where I’ve finally understood how I can become a more fluent, improvisational fighter (instead of learning a set of standalone techniques) and have started to understand the basic underlying fundamentals that explain the logic of self-defence moves – movement, momentum, leverage points, etc."
Dasha (click to read full review)

1. Evidence-based approach for real-world self-defence.

Understanding the reality of physical assaults is key to designing appropriate self-defence strategies.

Whilst we learn a lot from combat sports or martial arts, a good self-defence programme must go beyond controlled sporting environments, and understand physical violence in the context of unregulated-violence.

Example: Combat sports and martial arts usually focus on a single opponent. The reality of street violence, however, is a high likelihood of multiple aggressors. This fact must inform training methods, choice of techniques and self-protection strategies.

That’s why Urban Fit & Fearless™ programme is reality-based and evidence-led.

In other words, we look into real-world data and learn from the evidence we gather.

In 2016, this prompted us to undertake a systematic analysis of over 200 knife attacks captured on surveillance cameras. The results of this study allowed us to eliminate unrealistic and unsuitable techniques from our syllabus, and to design viable strategies.

Similarly, we focus on the situations Londoners, not Special Ops, are more likely to encounter.

We aim to equip you with the skills to handle the most common street attacks, from physical altercations to weapon-based threats.

Our evidence-based approach to interpersonal violence means you can trust us to provide you with the real-world self-defence skills you need to stay safe.

2. A self-defence system informed by Human Performance Science

Drawing from numerous fields such as biomechanics, physiology, psychology, neuroscience and cognitive sciences, Human Performance Science aims to understand the fundamentals factors impacting human skilled activities, notably when performed under stress.

In other words, it is the study of various aspects related to the human body, mind, and their interaction, covering both physical and cognitive domains, and how they impact human performance.

Example: whilst combat sports or martial arts are usually practiced in controlled environments (rules, weight categories, technical levels, etc.) that ensure participants’ safety, unregulated-violence carries the risk of serious injuries and even death. This uncertainty generates a much higher level of stress which must be taken into account when training because it has a critical impact on motor-skills and cognitive functions.

Urban Fit & Fearless™ has a distinctive approach to self-defence training and we believe that understanding how the body and mind function, and how they react during a violent confrontation is a key element of an efficient programme.

Our work on situational awareness is a good example of the way Human Performance Science can inform self-protection training.

Integrating scenario-based training and human performance science, we aim to accelerate your preparedness for countering violence to a significantly higher level.

3. Urban Krav Maga: An accessible, easy to learn, easy to assimilate self-defence system

The system we teach has its roots in the famed Israeli self-defence style Krav Maga.

Krav Maga was designed to be quickly learned and easily assimilated by leveraging natural and instinctive reactions.

what is krav maga
(What is Krav Maga)

London-based Urban Krav Maga is a modernized and refined version of classic Krav Maga that addresses the limitations of the original system.

"Patrice is an experienced and innovative teacher, one of the few to pass our Instructor Course first time..."
Stewart McGill - Urban Krav Maga Chief Instructor

The effectiveness of Urban Krav Maga lies in its inherent simplicity, incorporating a blend of striking and leveraging techniques.

4. A comprehensive yet concise arsenal of self-defence techniques

Whilst it integrated many of the best techniques from boxing, karate, judo, aikido or jiu-jitsu, classic Krav Maga lacked in some aspects, namely ground fighting.

History of krav maga
(The Unabridge History of Krav Maga)

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of martial arts and fighting styles such as:

  • Karate
  • English Boxing
  • Kick Boxing
  • French kickboxing Savate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Aikido
  • Judo
  • Traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
  • Vale Tudo
  • MMA

Urban Krav Maga London brings a comprehensive arsenal of techniques and provide a dynamic and adaptable self-defence toolkit. Its ground-fighting component excels in delivering exceptional results.

Contrary to traditional martial arts and many self-protection systems, including classic Krav Maga, our syllabus is not set in stone.

We never hesitate to upgrade or discard a technique that doesn't work in real situations. We listen to our students and constantly reassess our techniques based on the feedback we get.

Join the coolest self-defence and fitness community around

Whether you're looking for krav maga classes, women’s self defence classes, private krav maga lessons, or corporate self defence classes, we’ve got you covered.

Join the Urban Fit & Fearless™ London community today and discover the fun, empowering, and seriously cool world of self-defence and fitness.

With us, you'll get action-packed Krav Maga sessions where you will:

  1. Learn to defend yourself
  2. Improve your physical condition
  3. Enhance your confidence and self-esteem 
  4. Learn to channel adrenaline and deal with aggressive behaviour
  5. Let off steam

Check out our classes schedule and book a free trial session today!

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DISCLAIMER to all would-be Jason Bourne...

Do you remember that moment in the 2002 Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire when the young Peter Parker, still discovering his newly acquired superpowers, had his spider 6th-sense warning him of an incoming punch thrown at him from behind?

That's right, he dodged the punch without even seeing it coming and the bully's fist hit the locker!

Yeah, I know, freakin' awesome!

The truth, though, is that in the real world Peter Parker would have felt more like the battered hero of Kickass (2010) than the genetically modified Spider-Man.

So, to all would-be Jason Bourne, regretfully we have to say that no amount of Urban Fit & Fearless™ training -and God knows we are pretty good at training people- will ever get you that quick and that instinctive.

Sorry if you wanted to become a Ninja or a Superhero, we are simply not into that business.

Self-Defence / Urban Krav Maga training will make you better prepared to deal with any situation that presents itself, it will give you a fighting chance but in the grand scheme of things the safest option is to avoid confrontation and violence if possible.

At Urban Fit & Fearless™, we believe our job is to keep our students safe so, while we teach them how to defend themselves in the instance they can't avoid trouble, we also emphasize awareness and de-escalation.

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How self-defence differs from combat sports and martial arts

In the vast and intricate world of martial arts, where practices range from ancient traditions to modern competitive sports, understanding the subtle nuances that differentiate combat sports, traditional martial arts, self-defence, and street fighting can be an enlightening journey.

A common misconception is that practising combat sports and martial arts equates to comprehensive self-defence training. While these disciplines undeniably impart valuable physical techniques and skills relevant to self-defence, they often neglect several other crucial aspects of personal protection.

Understanding the differences and subtleties among these practices requires first identifying the defining characteristics of each discipline.

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I often get inquiries concerning Krav Maga and fitness, and, without fail, the same set of questions comes back:

  • Is Krav Maga effective for fitness and weight loss?
  • Is Krav Maga training a good workout?
  • Can you build muscle with Krav Maga?
  • Can you get fit training Krav Maga?
  • Will Krav Maga get me in shape?

While the short answer to these queries is a resounding “yes,” it is essential to delve into the nuances.

Many people also expressed an interest in gaining more thorough insights, so I took a deep dive into the science of physical fitness and conditioning. Here is what I found.

Workplace violence: prevalence and impact

Discussing the statistics and consequences of violence at work and the role of self-defence training in reducing its impact.

Are you concerned about violence in the workplace? You're not alone.

A recent survey found that 12.5% of workers in Europe experienced some form of violence at work [1]. Workplace violence is a global issue and a major concern for employers and employees across most industrialised countries [2, 3].

Globally, more than one in five persons in employment has experienced violence and harassment at work during their working life” (ILO 2022) [4]