Self-defence classes in South London

Thanks to its unique blend of conditioning and Krav Maga, Urban Fit & Fearless™ is one of the top self-defence classes in South London.

Join our Urban Krav Maga classes in Peckham/East Dulwich and Beckenham.

*We firmly believe that you have the right to try a class without having to commit financially. That's why the first session at Urban Fit & Fearless™ is always FREE!

"The skills Patrice taught me in just a couple of weeks of attending his classes definitely helped me when I was assaulted at work. " (read full review)
Liam - South London

South London Classes Schedule

*Classes are run by a fully certified and insured Urban Krav Maga instructor affiliated to the British Combat Association.

"I have trained in a lot of schools for over 13 years and I have to say this class is one of the best." (read full review)
Chris - South London


  • Pay-as-you-go: £12
  • 5-session pack: £50
  • Friday special sessions / workshops: £16

*No membership or monthly subscription. You pay only when you come.

**No time limit on the packs and you don't have to do all the sessions in a block.


What can you expect in our South London classes?

As Time Out editor at large Alexi Duggins wrote, after he came to one of our krav maga classes in South London: "The class is easy-going and fun!"

"The class is easy-going and fun!"

Discover a welcoming, friendly and safe space for self-defence classes in South London.

At Urban Fit & Fearless, we make sure that everyone, no matter who they are or what they can do, feels welcome and supported.

"[Patrice] provides a very friendly environment for people to learn in [...] and people are free to turn up when they can without being made to feel bad about missing a week or two..." (read full review)
Roland - South London

Like people in South London, our students come from diverse backgrounds. The group has a fair proportion of beginners and a male/female ratio of 1/1, so no one feels out of place in our classes.

krav maga self-defence classes in south london

There are never more than 20 people (usually around 15) so everybody is certain to have the right amount of face-time with the instructor.

The group is very supportive and the mixed-abilities format of the classes means that you can count on the support of more experienced training partners.

"When I first arrived, I was very timid and nervous for my first Krav Maga session.  However, my nerves quickly disappeared [...]  Patrice, the instructor, was welcoming and very direct that we'll have a fun time..." (read full review) Tiffany - South London SE15

We work hard to create a positive and empowering atmosphere. So each class is both informative and enjoyable.

Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, you will feel right at home as you embark on your self-defence journey.

No non-sense self-defence classes.

We don't like to waste time on unnecessary fluff. We like to focus on what truly works.

"Fantastic experience training at Urban Fit & Fearless. The class is great improving your overall fitness as well as practical, no nonsense, self defence instruction." (read full review)
David - South London

That’s why we chose a reality-based system called Urban Krav Maga.

It is a top-notch self-defence. And we genuinely believe it is one of the best styles out there (and trust us, we've tried many).

Krav Maga Self-defence classes in South London

Our classes are grounded in real-world situations and solid data. That's our way of ensuring that techniques are functional and practical. So you can actually use them in real situations.

Say farewell to unnecessary frills. Embrace a straightforward and practical approach to self-defence. Get ready to elevate your skills and boost your confidence like never before.

"Do not expect to be taught flashy, showy, but ultimately ineffective, fighting styles; the focus here is on techniques which actually work." (read full review) Jack - South London SE22

Our South London Krav Maga classes empower you with the knowledge and skills to stay safe.

Don't miss out on the chance to join us today and witness the undeniable effectiveness of our reality-based self-defence program.

No gimmicks or wasted time—just results.

Well structured Krav Maga classes.

I've long noticed that people lose focus when too much technicalities are thrown at them.

"The lessons are well paced and explained. They are easy to understand and follow, even for complete beginners." (read full review) Alexandra - South London

That's why, in each 90-min class, we usually see two specific scenarios (for example, what you do if someone try to put you in a choke hold), plus the quintessential striking (punching, elbow-strike, knee-strike, and kicking) which should be part of any Krav Maga training.

In the grand scheme of things, the programme unrolled in a logical manner over the weeks.

"Patrice provides a non-linear training structure, meaning you will learn a new move or technique each session, rather than drill repetitive moves hour after hour" (read full review) James - South London

Every session builds on the previous one so people who come regularly are not penalized, but each class is also a stand-alone so people who can't come every week are not penalized either. In other terms, I don't do "part-A-this-week-part-B-next-week" kind of things.

Great full-body work out.

Sessions are structured like Interval Training which means we alternate low intensity segments (used to drill techniques) and high intensity segments (during which we work the pad or do some conditioning).

"Amazing class and workout will leave you dripping in sweat." (read full review) Andrew - South London SE24

The emphasis is on time (typically, segments of 4 min / 1 min), rather than repetitions/sets, so our training programme works for untrained beginners and people with a good level of fitness alike.

"...Over the past 5 months I have got so much fitter and my performance in other sports and fitness classes has improved (I have gone from near the bottom to near the top of other class I do which is not bad for someone who always got D4 in their PE reports at school!)..." (read full review) Rachel - South London

Everybody exercises at about 70% of their capacity which ensures progression, regardless of your athletic level, without having to follow other students pace.

*We firmly believe that you have the right to try a class without having to commit financially. That's why the first session at Urban Fit & Fearless™ is always FREE!

What is covered in our Krav Maga classes?

Whilst we prioritise preparing the students for the most common street attacks, our self-defence classes cover many aspects such as:

  • Situational awareness & Avoidance strategies
  • Use of force and legal rights
  • Stances, Posture & Structure
  • Controlling distance & protecting your personal space
  • How to block & strike (punches, knees, kicks, elbows)
  • Defence against grabs (for example: wrists grabs)
  • Defence against hair-pull
  • Defence against pushes & shoves
  • Defence against body-locks (for example: bearhug)
  • Defence against chokes and strangulations (for example: rear choke)
  • Ground fighting
  • Against a wall
  • How to fall and get up
  • Joint manipulation and pressure points
  • Defence against knife attack
  • Defence against stick attack & bottles
  • Principles of leverage & using your body weight to your advantage
  • Using elements of clothing to defend yourself
  • Defence against multiple aggressors

Since most fights end up on the ground, it is essential to have a solid grasp of grappling and ground fighting.

Classic Krav Maga classes totally overlook this vital aspect. We don't. A strong grappling/ground-fighting component sets us apart as one of the best self-defence classes in South London.

Which self-defence system do I teach?

The techniques we teach come from one of the world top self-defence systems: Urban Krav Maga (UKM).

UKM traces its roots back to Krav Maga, a combat system developed by the Israeli military during and after World War II (what is Krav Maga?).

Imagine a fighting style crafted for soldiers with limited time to master hand-to-hand combat techniques. Battle-tested and refined, Krav Maga is known for its simplicity, utilizing natural body movements that anyone can learn.

"For krav maga practitioners who are put off by the word “urban” – please don’t be! Urban is where it’s at! […] All the key elements of classic krav maga are present and correct: realistic attack scenarios, explosive reaction, compound defence moves, stress tests, etc." (read full review) Dasha - South London

But here's where it gets even better. Urban Krav Maga takes this practicality and adaptability to the next level, making it perfect for the civilian environment.

With a focus on leverage, it becomes an ideal self-defence style for women and anyone facing larger opponents. Plus, UKM elevates the game with strong grappling and ground-fighting techniques, areas where classic Krav Maga falls short.

"This system introduces much needed modifications to the classic krav maga curriculum, including much more thorough groundwork [...], much more flexibility in adapting techniques to people of different sizes, and much more openness towards experimenting and finding solutions that work for YOU" (read full review) Dasha - South London

The result?

A versatile self-protection system that's easy to grasp, regardless of your age, gender, athletic attributes, body type, or martial arts experience.

"The fact that UKM is not affiliated with big international organisations means that it’s blissfully free of some of the annoying classic KM features, like the frequently encountered obsession with grading and the resulting obnoxious class hierarchies between students (God forbid a yellow belt should want to train with a green belt!)" (read full review) Dasha - South London

Come and join our Krav Maga classes in South London, where you'll embark on an incredible journey towards personal safety and confidence!

What are the main benefits of a self-defence class?

Discover the excitement of our self-defence classes in South London:

  • Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones: Master simple yet highly functional techniques that rely on leverage and quick reactions rather than brute strength. Our versatile self-defence system encompasses a strong ground-fighting component, preparing you for any situation.
  • Improve your athletic condition: Unleash the power of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), the ultimate method for enhancing cardiovascular capacity, burning fat (thanks to the incredible "afterburn" effect), building lean and functional muscles, and supercharging your metabolism.
  • Develop your confidence and self-esteem: Gain invaluable skills to handle adrenaline, aggression, and confrontational situations. Cultivate a resilient "fight back" attitude and the ability to remain composed in stressful scenarios.
  • Let off steam: Experience the exhilaration of unleashing intense kicks and punches on pads, releasing your daily stress through high-energy, fast-paced sessions that leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered.
  • Have loads of fun: Bring along a friend or make new ones! Our workouts and drills are designed to be enjoyed in pairs or groups within a friendly and supportive environment, fostering camaraderie and ensuring a fun-filled journey towards self-improvement.

Join our Krav Maga classes in South London and embark on an exciting path of personal growth, physical fitness, and unwavering confidence.

Which areas of South London do our classes service?

Some people find us because they search for “self-defence classes in south London” or “Krav Maga south London”.

We have classes in Peckham/East Dulwich (Southwark) and Beckenham (Bromley).

There is a good network of public transport in that part of South London so our self-defence classes are easily accessible to people living in places such as:

  • Lambeth,
  • Bermondsey,
  • Rotherhithe,
  • Canada Water (SE16),
  • Camberwell,
  • Brixton (SW9),
  • Denmark Hill (SE5),
  • Herne Hill (SE24),
  • West Dulwich (SE21),
  • Tulse Hill (SW2),
  • Dulwich Village (SE21),
  • Crystal Palace (SE19),
  • East Dulwich (SE22),
  • Peckham (SE15),
  • Nunhead (SE15),
  • Brockley (SE4),
  • Honor Oak Park (SE23),
  • Forest Hill (SE23),
  • Catford (SE13),
  • Sydenham (SE26),
  • Penge (SE20),
  • Beckenham (BR2),
  • Bromley

Even London Bridge is a short 10 min train ride from our Krav Maga classes in South London.

What have you got to lose?

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