Self-defence classes in South London

Thanks to its unique blend of conditioning and Krav Maga, Urban Fit & Fearless™ is one of the top self-defence classes in South London.

Join our Urban Krav Maga classes in our South London venues in Peckham/East Dulwich and Beckenham.

*We firmly believe that you have the right to try a class without having to commit financially. That's why the first session at Urban Fit & Fearless™ is always FREE!

South London Classes Schedule

*Classes are run by a fully certified and insured Urban Krav Maga instructor affiliated to the British Combat Association.


  • Pay-as-you-go: £12
  • 5-session pack: £50
  • Friday special sessions / workshops: £20

*No membership or monthly subscription. You pay only when you come.

**No time limit on the packs and you don't have to do all the sessions in a block.

"[Patrice] provides a very friendly environment for people to learn in [...] and people are free to turn up when they can without being made to feel bad about missing a week or two..." (read full review)
Roland - South London SE23

What can you expect in our South London classes?

As Time Out editor at large Alexi Duggins wrote, after he came to one of our krav maga classes in South London: "The class is easy-going and fun!"

"The class is easy-going and fun!"

Although quite diverse, the group is very friendly and welcoming. The ratio male/female is 1/1 so no one feels out-of-place.

Whilst there's a fair proportion of beginners, the presence of experienced students really binds the class together and helps to maintain the highest standards of learning.

There are never more than 20 persons (usually around 15) so everybody is certain to have the right amount of face-time with the instructor.

"When I first arrived, I was very timid and nervous for my first Krav Maga session.  However, my nerves quickly disappeared [...]  Patrice, the instructor, was welcoming and very direct that we'll have a fun time..." (read full review) Tiffany - South London SE15

Sessions are structured like Interval Training which means we alternate low intensity segments (used to drill techniques) and high intensity segments (during which we work the pad or do some conditioning).

The emphasis is on time (typically, segments of 4 min / 1 min), rather than repetitions/sets, so our training programme works for untrained beginners and people with a good level of fitness alike.

Everybody exercises at about 70% of their capacity which ensures progression, regardless of your athletic level, without having to follow other students pace.

"...Over the past 5 months I have got so much fitter and my performance in other sports and fitness classes has improved (I have gone from near the bottom to near the top of other class I do which is not bad for someone who always got D4 in their PE reports at school!)..." (read full review) Rachel - South London SE24

On the self-defence side of things, I've long noticed that people lose focus when too much technicalities are thrown at them.

So in each session, we usually see two specific scenarios (for example, what you do if someone try to put you in a choke hold), plus the quintessential striking (punching, elbow-strike, knee-strike, and kicking) which is part of any Krav Maga training.

In the grand scheme of things, the programme unrolled in a quite logical manner over the weeks.

Every session builds on the previous one so people who come regularly are not penalized, but each session is also a stand-alone so people who can't come every week are not penalized either. In other terms, I don't do "part-A-this-week-part-B-next-week" kind of things.

"Do not expect to be taught flashy, showy, but ultimately ineffective, fighting styles; the focus here is on techniques which actually work." (read full review) Jack - South London SE22

The system I teach is called Urban Krav Maga and I chose that organisation because it is, in my opinion, one of the best all-around self-defence/fighting style out there (and I've tried many). Period.

Particularly important is the strong grappling/ground fighting component of the system which critically lacks in classic krav maga (what is Krav Maga?). One way or the other, most fights end up on the ground and then, there's the risk of sexual assault for women. This justifies in my view a sound knowledge of grappling/ground-fighting.

Overall, the class provides a great cardio session, a full-body workout, great fighting skills and loads of fun!

What have you got to lose?

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