Be Fearless

The self-defence techniques taught in the Urban Fit & Fearless programme come from the Urban Krav Maga (UKM) system.

Develop essential self-defence skills

Acknowledged as one of the world’s top self-defence and fighting systems, Urban Krav Maga is a highly respected, well established system with strong credibility in the Martial Arts community.

It has its roots in classic Krav Maga as well as a range of martial arts and fighting systems, and is informed by its founders' experience of real life situations.

Urban Krav Maga is characterized by a stronger ground fighting and grappling component, and more reliance on leverage techniques.

It was created by Stewart McGill and a group of his most senior instructors when, in 2008, they decided to split from classic Krav Maga because of a number of limitations and weaknesses they perceived in the system.

The objective behind Urban Krav Maga was to design an open system that "does not limit itself to a set of specific rules and conventions" and, true to the original philosophy of Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld, would adapt to fit people's circumstances and be constantly improved.

McGill was previously a civilian/Law Enforcement instructor with 2 separate Krav Maga organisations including the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) under Eyal Yanilov.

He had also trained in Israel under Haim Gidon, founder of the Israel Krav Maga Association (IKMA), and alongside David Kahn (IKMA US Chief Instructor), a long-time friend.

Previously a 3rd Dan in Goju Ryu karate, McGill is a Senior Instructor with the British Combat Association (BCA) and comes recommended by Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine.

In 2013, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame.

One of the main addition, and greatest influence, to the Urban Krav Maga system is co-chief instructor, Leo Negao.

Negao is a renowned Vale Tudo fighter, a 4-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion, and one of NAGA's top submission grappler. 

He has been training-partner/instructor to UFC champions Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Antonio 'Minotauro' Nogueira and others. 

Negao started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Carlson Gracie’s academy, under Carlson Gracie himself, in 1993, and, years later, got his black belt from Fábio Gurgel, the co-founder of the Alliance Jiu Jitsu Team.

His world class knowledge of ground techniques and grappling along with his experience as a MMA/Vale Tudo fighter, have had a major impact on Urban Krav Maga which is now simply one of the most complete fighting system out there.

“Urban Krav Maga is a no-nonsense martial art that works”
Bob Sykes

Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine

  • Simple and easy to learn [+]

From the very beginning Krav Maga was designed to be efficient yet easy to assimilate regardless of age, gender, athletic attributes or body type.

Results are immediate and don't require years of learning. Techniques are also easy to remember as they are simple and quickly get into muscle memory. With some practice they become automatic, instinctive reactions.

“The skills Patrice taught me in just a couple of weeks of attending his classes definitely helped me when I was assaulted at work...”
Liam - London SE23

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We strongly believe that all self-defence should be kept functional and as simple as possible. Our aim is to equip the student as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks. 

“The simplicity of Urban Krav Maga and its absolute effectiveness were startling. Perhaps most impressive was its ability to be equally effective for both males and females.”
Deputy Lawrence Garcia

Instructor Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy

Adapted & tested to real life

  • Based on quick reaction, swift movement, and leverage, not strength [+]

Urban Krav Maga is based on the principles of leverage, so it is ideal for female self-defence and against bigger opponents.

We teach a range of pre-emptive strikes and moves adapted to work for people against bigger/multiple opponents.

An attacker, no matter how big and strong, won't remain standing after being hit repeatedly in the sensitive, weak parts of the body.

At Urban Fit & Fearless, we acknowledge that the victim's initial reaction is the main factor determining the outcome of a confrontation; so our training emphasize quick, committed reaction.

“I have seen many ambushes via cctv in my years of working security. No matter what reaction you have or the style you train [...] if the attack is first, then the counter-response must be fast and furious.”
Samir 'Sandman' Seif

Law Enforcement/Security Specialist - MMA fighter

  • In touch with real life situations [+]

Classic Krav Maga was developed for combat soldiers with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It is widely used by security and military forces throughout the world.

There are several issues with this:

The first one is that the rules of engagement on a battlefield are quite basic: people you encounter are whether 'friend or foe' and if they're not friends you take them out. This, however, simply cannot be applied to a civilian context because that would get you into a hell of legal troubles.

The second issue, is that soldiers mainly use firearms and there is actually very little hand-to-hand fighting in military operations (I know, I've been there). The people who are the most experienced at interpersonal violence in a civilian context are security people who work the doors of night-clubs (yes, bouncers).

Urban Krav Maga was created to rectify these issues and offer solutions adapted to a civilian context where you can't always punch people (even if you're the victim). A number of situations can -and should- be resolved with leverage techniques rather than striking ones.

The founders of Urban Krav Maga are Martial Artists and security experts experienced across a range of disciplines who draw upon their past and current experience to continually update and improve the system.

No-nonsense techniques

  • Focus on survival [+]

Develop the ability and the stamina to fight while fatigued.

One of the best known aspects of Krav Maga is it's ability to develop fight back attitude and the determination one needs to survive a street fight.

Learn ways to take down any attacker fast and hard so you can run and survive.

No incomprehensible tradition and etiquette, no uniform or relentless bowing.

  • Street awareness [+]

Urban Krav Maga has a syllabus based around defending the 10 most common attacks you are likely to face in the street.

By teaching concepts through techniques students are taught how to read a situation and react/respond accordingly, even if they've not experienced the exact same thing in training.

Giving students the ability to improvise is an important element of our training.

Increase your confidence

  • Feel safer and not so easily intimidated [+]

Once you're prepared for the worst case scenario (i.e. physical violence) and have the knowledge and practice to fight off any attacker, you'll feel safer and won't be intimidated by aggressive/macho behaviour.

If something ever does go down, you’re ready.

  • Be more assertive and self-confident [+]

Nothing boosts confidence levels like knowing you are prepared for the worst possible scenarios. 

The certainty that you can defend yourself will affect all areas of your life: how you communicate, how you are with other people, etc. 

This, in itself, might keep you from being singled out by someone who wants to pick-up a fight. 

Confidence has no limit to its applicability and transferability. Training will also develop the willingness to engage (fiercely if necessary) and this, in turn, can help you get over your fears and timidity.

  • Learn to channel adrenaline and increase your ability to function in stressful situations [+]

With consistent effort in physical and fight training you will become more accustomed to being outside your comfort zone and more accustomed to the adrenaline rush (and its afer-effects) that is triggered by stressful situations. 

As a result, in tense situations where most people tend to lose it, you will be more likely to keep your cool. Situations that would have caused you fear and anxiety before should not bother you as much.