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The Ultimate Self-Defence and Fitness Training in South London

Looking for the ultimate self-defence training in South London? Look no further than Urban Fit & Fearless™.

Our Krav Maga classes are designed to help you become fit, fearless, and ready for anything (well, within reason! See disclaimer).

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A unique blend of conditioning and Krav Maga

Our unique blend of conditioning and Urban Krav Maga sets us apart as one of the top self-defence programs in London.

With our programme, you'll get a comprehensive and well-rounded workout experience while learning top-grade self-defence techniques.

"Patrice is an experienced and innovative teacher, one of the few to pass our Instructor Course first time..."
Stewart McGill - Urban Krav Maga Chief Instructor

Evidence-based approach for real-world self-defence

We aim to equip you with the skills to handle the most common street attacks, from physical altercations to weapon-based threats.

Our evidence-based approach to interpersonal violence means you can trust us to provide you with the real-world self-defence skills you need to stay safe.

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Inclusivity and Respect at the Core of Our Classes

At Urban Fit & Fearless™, we believe in making self-defence training accessible, inclusive and fun. Our classes are a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

"I have trained in a lot of schools for over 13 years and I have to say this class is one of the best. My background is mainly in taekwondo and kickboxing but have trained in several others styles including hapkido and jui jitsu [...] If you want to learn to actually defend yourself, develop your style in a dynamic way and improve your fitness there are few places better!"
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Join the coolest self-defence and fitness community around

Join the Urban Fit & Fearless™ community today and discover the fun, empowering, and seriously cool world of self-defence and fitness.

With us, you'll get action-packed Krav Maga sessions where you will:

  • Learn to defend yourself
  • Improve your physical condition
  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem 
  • Learn to channel adrenaline and deal with aggressive behaviour
  • Let off steam

Check out our class schedule and book a free trial session today!

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DISCLAIMER to all would-be Jason Bourne...

Do you remember that moment of the 2002 Spider-Man movie with Tobey MaGuire when the young Peter Parker, still discovering his newly acquired superpowers, had his spider 6th-sense warning him of an incoming punch thrown at him from behind?

That's right, he dodged the punch without even seeing it coming and the bully's fist smashed into the locker!

Yeah, I know, freakin' awesome!

The truth, though, is that in the real world Peter Parker would have felt more like the battered hero of Kickass (2010) than the genetically modified Spider-Man.

So, to all would-be Jason Bourne, regretfully we have to say that no amount of Urban Fit & Fearless™ training -and God knows we are pretty good at training people- will ever get you that quick and that instinctive.

Sorry if you wanted to become a Ninja or a Superhero, we are simply not into that business.

Self-Defence / Urban Krav Maga training will make you better prepared to deal with any situation that presents itself, it will give you a fighting chance but in the grand scheme of things the safest option is to avoid confrontation and violence if possible.

At Urban Fit & Fearless™, we believe our job is to keep our students safe so, while we teach them how to defend themselves in the instance they can't avoid trouble, we also emphasize awareness and de-escalation.

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Self-defence against knife attacks: evidence-based approach

(last updated 2020)

We'll all agree that in order to adopt realistic methods of defence against knife attacks, we first need to understand how an attacker is most likely going to use his weapon.

But how do we get that understanding?

The truth is, we mostly rely on other people (the 'experts') to give us the answers.

The problem is that the Martial Arts / Self-Defence industry is plagued by misconceptions and fallacies.

Knife Attacks and Self-Defence

That's why I decided to properly research on this topic. I wanted to understand the dynamics of real knife attacks and I wanted it to be based on evidence.

Luckily, in recent years CCTV and phone footages have provided us with abundance of real-life examples we can learn from.

Data were readily available for anyone who was willing to carry out the (tedious) analysis.

And today I'm going to share with you the results of my investigation where some interesting findings were uncovered.

The benefits of self-defence training for employees and why you should add it to your well-being programme

With the development of wellness programmes and an increased awareness of larger societal issues, staff's personal safety and well-being have become a priority for many organisations.

In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits that self-defence training can bring to both employees and employers and why it's a must-have addition to any workplace well-being initiative.

What is Krav Maga ?

Krav Maga is a military self-defence system developed by the Israeli army after WW2. It is not a combat sport but a simple and effective fighting system designed for self-protection and physical training. It is intended to be practical and intuitive regardless of age, gender or physical ability.

Known for its focus on real-life situations, Krav Maga combines a wide variety of practical techniques sourced from diverse martials art and combat sports, with reality-based scenario training.