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Action-packed Krav Maga session where short, intense workouts alternate with simple self-defence drills.

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Summer Break

We're off! Thanks to everyone who made this season so great.

Classes will resume on Wednesday 31 August 2016.

Women's self defence - defending arm pulling by a bigger opponent

One very common attack on women -particularly in cases of sexual assaults- is the following: the aggressor, using his left hand, grabs and pulls on the victim's right forearm to drag her to a nearby secondary location.

While working on various situations around this scenario with one of my female students, we realized that because of the difference of seize/weight between us, what would normally be a simple "defence against arm pulling" situation, was in fact much worse for the victim.

What too much emphasis on situational awareness does to your brain

'Situational Awareness' is one of the main paradigms of the self defence industry. Basically, it a fancy way to say 'pay attention to your surroundings'.

The rational behind 'Situational Awareness' is that being able to spot signs of troubles early goes a long way in keeping us out of harm.

While avoiding trouble is definitely the safest option, there is a number of serious issues with the way 'situational awareness' is used and taught.