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Self-defence against knife attacks: Fantasy vs Reality

There are many myths and preconceived ideas around how to defend a knife attack. The main reason being that only very few people have a decent real-life experience of this type of violence.

In recent years, though, CCTV and phone footages have provided us with plenty of gruesome examples we can learn from.

Knife crime

Before you adopt a knife defence programme, you need to understand how an attacker is most likely to use the weapon.

Only then can you adopt realistic methods of defence.

1 in 3 Expert Martial artists are out-of-touch with the reality of interpersonal violence

Some times ago, I conducted an informal survey on a number of Martial Arts online forums and pages; I asked a simple question: "If you had only one self-defence technique to teach, which one would it be?"

 If you had only one self-defence technique to teach which one would would it be?

Women's self defence - defending arm pulling by a bigger opponent

One very common attack on women -particularly in cases of sexual assaults- is the following: the aggressor, using his left hand, grabs and pulls on the victim's right forearm to drag her to a nearby secondary location.

While working on various situations around this scenario with one of my female students, we realized that because of the difference of seize/weight between us, what would normally be a simple "defence against arm pulling" situation, was in fact much worse for the victim.