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...The class is easy-going and fun. Its point? Very worthy. But those moves? Christ, they're hardcore. By the end I almost feel sorry for anyone trying to mug me...[click to read full review]
Alexi Duggins - Time Out London Editor-at-large

Patrice is an experienced and innovative teacher, one of the few to pass our Instructor Course first time...
Stewart McGill - Urban Krav Maga Founder and Chief Instructor

The skills Patrice taught me in just a couple of weeks of attending his classes definitely helped me when I was assaulted at work [...] Last Sunday a drunk man tried to strangle me and I utilised self defense techniques taught to me by Patrice and quickly was out of his hold and restraining him until the police arrived. [click to read full review]
Liam - London SE23

I've tried a few classes relating to defence and martial arts, but this is the first time i've come across something good! that I will actually be coming back to for regular classes. I felt very comfortable as a beginner in the class, and came away feeling like I had learnt something, which is rare from a first session! cant wait to go back and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to practice self defence![click to read full review]
Kelly - London SE4

I have trained in a lot of schools for over 13 years and I have to say this class is one of the best. My background is mainly in taekwondo and kickboxing but have trained in several others styles including hapkido and jui jitsu [...] If you want to learn to actually defend yourself, develop your style in a dynamic way and improve your fitness there are few places better! [click to read full review]
Chris - London SE5

...I got to experience credible pretend-attacks in class and realised I'd be nowhere with my instinctive reactions. Humbling. Patrice has been teaching me to re-program these reactions and I notice a massive difference in the effectiveness of my defence style...[click to read full review]
Suzanne - London SE22

After having joined classes in the past, both one-to-one and small groups I have to say that Patrice is by far one of the most dedicated instructors I have ever had... [click to read full review]
Judith - London E14

Patrice’s is a patient, careful and dedicated trainer...He provides a non-linear training structure, meaning you will learn a new move or technique each session, rather than drill repetitive moves hour after hour. As your confidence and ability improve, the techniques become more sophisticated, but always have a foundation in the early moves you learn. I have now taken up Patrice’s one-to-one training sessions as it provides much more in-depth teaching. He works with you to improve your fitness and strength while developing simple and effective defensive techniques that would leave your attacker incapacitated, allowing the opportunity for escape...[click to read full review]
James - London SE26

... A fantastic introduction to self defense, comprehensive teaching and great fun… even if it does leave every muscle in your body aching for a couple of days afterwards. [click to read full review] Freya - London WC2

I highly recommend Patrice of Urban Fit and Fearless. I have completed various forms of Martial arts for over 5 years now and Patrice is without question the most organised and professional person I have ever trained with... [click to read full review]
Paul - London SE26

...Over the past 5 months I have got so much fitter and my performance in other sports and fitness classes has improved (I have gone from near the bottom to near the top of other class I do which is not bad for someone who always got D4 in their PE reports at school!)...
...I have tried a few other martial arts classes and I found this one the most practical and applicable for real life...
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Rachel - London SE24

...Do not expect to be taught flashy, showy, but ultimately ineffective, fighting styles; the focus here is on techniques which actually work. If, however, you're looking for an excellent workout, in a friendly, unpretentious environment then look no further. [click to read full review]
Jack - London SE22

[...] As a 5'3" female, with little upper body strength, I was able to learn how to take down an opponent who grabs me from behind and also moves to push off an attacker coming at me while I'm on the floor. These moves are very helpful and gave me a sense of empowerment. [click to read full review]
Tiffany - London SE15

I have been going to Patrice's classes for about 18 months. He provides a very friendly environment for people to learn in... [click to read full review]
Roland - London SE23

One of the best things I discovered in 2015 was Krav Maga at Urban Fit and Fearless. [...] Patrice's classes focus on dealing with urban violence (e.g. being grabbed from behind, held down on the street, being punched etc) and are great fun and serious at the same time. They're a combination of a pragmatic workout to provide realistic exhaustion and focus on technique. [click to read full review]
Suzanne - London SE22

... Urban Krav Maga is quite different to other martial arts in that it teaches you how to handle real life situations that you might come across in the street, it's definitely more of a defensive sport... which I suppose is why it appeal to a wide audience. I certainly already feel safer when walking down the street...
Tara - London SE22